Because the craft beer GiustoSpirito is unique?
 For the purest water in our area, rich in minerals.
 For the best malts, selected with passion and love.
 For hops, the richest flavor from all over the world.
Malt, water and hops, meet to create the must. And 'here that the hand of the master brewer is felt, here they begin to melt the aromas to create the perfect balance of GiustoSpirito beer.
 The base of a product that wants to taste unirre conviviality, for friendship passion, experience to desire to be together.
 Ours is a fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized.
 The brewmaster mixed together the ingredients with wisdom, experience and taste.
During the production process the beer is constantly monitored and analyzed, because our technique is our love for beer.
 It is thought that the brewmaster is the creator of everything, but could not create the beer without the help of a key ally: the yeast. E 'him to transform the must into GiustoSpirito beer, which thanks to a long maturation cleaning to refines its aromas, but remains alive and continues its evolution until you get into your glass.
 To spend some time with friends or family, with passion, and conviviality with GiustoSpirito!

Giustospirito la fabbrica della birra - G.S. srl - Capitale sociale 20.000 € P. IVA, C.F. 02494580356 - Iscr. Reg. Imprese di Reggio Emilia REA: RE-286574



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